Yogeshwar Phull


Yogeshwar Phull

Regional Mentor, DataPlatformGeeks

Yogeshwar has 11 years of experience as a SQL Server Database Administrator and presently working at Kurtosys Systems that provides an industry class digital experience platform for financial services companies. In my current organization, he is responsible for managing databases of some of the very big financial companies and our setup includes many advanced SQL server features.

He is a Microsoft Certified IT professional and a proud member of DataPlatformGeeks community. He likes exploring internals of everything related to SQL server as this is what brings in-depth conceptual knowledge. During the journey of last 11 years, he has worked on solving many typical SQL Server related problems and always makes sure that he shares the solutions with others in every possible way.

He believes that the best way to learn is to share. He always makes an effort to share whatever he learns with community via different means as this is what facilitates mutual growth and allows him to do his bit for giving back to the community.

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