Corporate Invitation

Invite Your Company/Project Teams

Do you know that most delegates attending Data Platform Summit are sponsored by their companies?

Do you know that every year more than 250+ companies participate in Data Platform Summit?

DPS Team can now send official Summit Invitation to your company/project teams, if:

  • Your company has people working on data & analytics
  • Your company has individual teams working on SQL Server, Data Science (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc), Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Cloud, IoT, NoSQL, Big Data etc.
  • You have a Data & Analytics Leader at the management level (CTO, CEO, Founder etc)
  • You have a Chief Analytics Officer

All you need to do is fill-out the following form with their details, and our team will send them the Corporate Invitation via email, and call them officially.

Please note that you will remain anonymous and your identity will not be revealed.

PS: The person you wish us to invite for DPS 2019, could be your manager, your top boss, someone from L&D, anyone! We will just spread the awareness.