Chalk Talks

The revolutionary “Chalk-Talk” delivery format was first introduced during DPS 2016 (SSGAS 2016). Needless to say, it became an instant hit with the audience. Our speakers are not typical trainers, but geeks who draw/illustrate the knowledge that they intend to share, rather than follow pre-designed slides.

Chalk-Talks have always been a crowded affair at Data Platform Summits. Chalk-Talks are 30 minutes, focusing on conceptual & architectural understanding, with only a whiteboard and marker. No Laptops, no PPTs, no demos – only whiteboard-ing!

Old School learning, yet the best, always! At DPS 2020 we will create an online whiteboarding experience. Chalk-Talks will be announced progressively starting from September. Stay tuned!

Call For Speakers is currently open. Click Here.