Contact the Conference Team


Name Team Phone Email
 Aarthi Nambiar (Team Lead)  DPS Delegate Team  +91 9606482133 aarthi[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
 Mamita Sinha ( Team Lead)  DPS Delegate Team  +91 9503124667 mamita[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Jessica Llyod ( Team Lead) Sponsorship Team   kp[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Manohar Punna  Speakers & Technical Content Management   manu[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Speakers Team Speakers   speakers[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Sandip Pani Social Media Team   sandip[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Surbhi Agarwal Volunteering Team   surbhi[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Mahua Mitra Accounts Team   mahua[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Satya Ramesh Web Team   satya[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com
Amit Bansal  Escalations   ab[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com


For any other enquiry/information, please write to contact[at]dps10[dot]com