Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Platform Virtual Summit all about?

Data Platform Summit began in 2015 as Asia’s first, the only and the largest learning event on Microsoft Data, Analytics & AI Platform. Fast forward 2019, last year, we successfully executed the fifth edition of the summit, with much fanfare. Come 2020, we are going virtual. Yeah, it is a blessing in disguise. DPS, as it is known popularly, is now available to the whole world. DPS happens in collaboration with Microsoft. And the Redmond brains will be part of DPS 2020 in a BIG WAY. So, it is a double-treat. DPS 2020 will run round-the-clock, 24×7, non-stop. We are redefining what a truly global event means. Log-in anytime, from anywhere, learning will be ON. And guess what, you get the recordings too! Isn’t that cool? Checkout DPS Showcase to learn more about our history.

How will DPS run Round-The-Clock,Non-Stop? I want to understand this better.

All your answers are here. Make sure you read with thoroughly.

I want to keep myself up to date about DPS news and announcements.

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What is the history of DPS?

Without the past, there would be no future. An outcome of persistent efforts and indomitable perseverance resulted in Asia’s First SQL Conference in the year 2015. At SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 (SSGAS 2015), 50+ speakers delivered 70+ sessions in 5 tracks across 3 days for 800+ attendees –a remarkable beginning!

Continuing the success, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 (SSGAS 2016) witnessed a bigger and better conference. 3 days, 5 tracks, 70+ speakers, 130+ sessions, 1000+ attendees – the learning event was a grand success and embarked on its position as a signature tech event of India. The data & analytics professionals in India learned from the who’s who of the industry. Microsoft SQL CAT Team, SQL TIGER Team, Global Black Belt Team, Product Engineers from Redmond, USA – name it and they were there.

The third conference was re-named Data Platform Summit 2017. DPS 2017 saw the IT Minister of Karnataka inaugurating the 3-day learning event, followed by an intriguing keynote by Mr. Narendra Bhandari (GM, Microsoft India). More than 200 sessions were delivered by 80+ speakers on the following tracks – Database Administration, Database Development, Data Science, Cloud, IoT & NoSQL, Big Data & VLDBs, and Professional Development.

In the fourth year, we broke many barriers. DPS was shifted to a five-star property with world-class infrastructure, more Pre-Cons were added and summit sessions were highly curated. DPS 2018 set new standards for the industry to follow by making the conference sponsor-free. 0% Marketing, 100% Learning. The best from the industry & Microsoft joined us, and it was mind-blowing. Five days of non-stop learning and our delegates wanted more. DPS 2018 was majestically executed and feedbacks from delegates were overwhelming. Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data Group, from Redmond along with his team delivered a marvelous keynote, much-awaited by the industry.

And then came the landmark: The 5th edition, Data Platform Summit 2019. Building on the massive success of 2018, DPS 2019 delivered new features like Round Tables, Ask-The-Experts/Community Zone, along with regular breakout sessions, open-talks, and chalk-talks. Keynote was delivered by Gayle Sheppard, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data Group & Azure Data Team members. Focusing on diversity and inclusion, Gayle Sheppard also hosted the first-ever Women-In-Technology round table at DPS.

And here comes the all-new DPS 2020. Virtual. Round-The-Clock. Non-Stop seven days & nights of learning. On-Demand access to all the recordings at no extra cost. Yeah, we are breaking records again!

Checkout DPS Showcase to learn more about us.

Is there a more detailed reading about how DPS started?

Yes. Here.

How can I evaluate if DPS is the right learning event for me?

You should see the DPS Showcase – This has everything you need. Do spend quality time there. It has past testimonials, our history, videos, photos, feedback from attendees, speakers, and Microsoft experts. Also check out Social Media Testimonials.

Can I see past Testimonials?

Of course. You should. Click Here. In fact, there are more than 200 video testimonials on our YouTube channel. Click Here. Also check out Social Media Testimonials

What does Microsoft have to say about DPS

Great questions. Check this out.     

What’s new in being a virtual summit?

Non-Stop, 24×7 learning event. Start: 2 Dec 8.30 am IST. End: 4 Dec 5 pm ET. Yeah, 67 hours non-stop online learning event with breakout sessions, Open-Talks, Chalk-Talks, Technical Roundtables, and a lot more. The virtual summit covers the whole world. Wherever you are in the world, whichever time zone, just log-in – LIVE sessions, learning & networking will be going on. Believe it, this is a redefining moment.

How many sessions will be there?

150 to 200. And you will get the recordings (streaming access only) too.

Are you sure that the event is going to run for 3 Days & 3 Nights non-stop?

Yes. We are sure. DPS 2020 covers the whole globe, all countries, all time zones.

What are Training Classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons)?

Pre-Cons and Post-Cons are collectively called as Training Classes. Most delegates are booking multiple Pre-Cons and Post-Cons even if they cannot attend all of them. Why? They know they will get recordings. And with DPS pricing, these training classes are a steal. Pre-Conference Training is on Nov 30 & Dec 1. Post-Conference Training is on Dec 7 & 8. Collectively, these are called as Training Classes. Each class is eight hours – 4 hours each day, for 2 consecutive days. Splitting in two days has a good advantage – learning is not cramped into a single day. Good for the speaker, better for you. Pre-Cons & Post-Cons will happen in four different time zones (four batches). And each batch will have approximately 4 parallel classes. Yes, 16 pre-cons & 16 post-cons. Attend LIVE classes & get recordings too. Believe this too! Checkout Training Classes

So, the conference (the summit), Pre-Cons, Post-Cons - are these different things? Do I need to book for them separately?

  Yes. If you book the conference ticket, you have full access to the entire event (the summit). Training Class (Pre-Con & Post-Cons) are separate and they need to be booked separately. So you can book for the summit. you can book for the Pre-Con. You can book for the Post-Con. One of them or all of them, completely your choice. Most delegates are booking multiple pre-cons and post-cons even if they cannot attend all of them. Why? They know they will get recordings. And with DPS pricing, these training classes are a steal.

I can see an awesome list of Pre-Cons and Post-Cons. Will there be more?

        Maybe. Maybe not. If we get a good submission from a renowned expert and we feel it is worthy to be added to the Training Class list, we will do so. All registered delegates will be informed. So if you wish to change, you can do so by dropping an email to contact[at]dps10[dot]com.

Will the delegates get the recordings?

Yes recordings will be available (streaming access only). If you purchase the conference ticket, you will get the summit recordings complementary. All the sessions. If you go for the training classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons), you will get the class recordings too, only for the class you have paid for. Make sure to check out the class details. Except one or two, all classes are being recorded. Please note, all recordings are available on-demand, streaming access.   

Are all the Pre-Cons & Post-Cons being recorded?

Almost all, barring one or two. Before booking your training class be sure to check out about the recordings in the detail section. Please note, all recordings are available on-demand, streaming access.

Compared to many other similar events, DPS pricing is much lower. Why? Is there a catch?

No catch. No hidden stuff. We are a community and DPS is a community-driven event. 

Which conference platform will be used for DPS 2020?

Multiple platforms will be used. DPS 2020 activities are quite a few and too many for a single vendor/platform to fulfill all the needs. Therefore, DPS Team will combine multiple platforms and offer an extraordinary experience to the delegate. Training Classes, Breakout Sessions, Open-Talks, Chalk-Talks, Round Tables, Community Zone, Ask-The-Experts, Panel Discussions – and a few more experiences will be virtually witnessed at DPS 2020. DPS Team will ensure that delegates have a smooth and memorable learning & networking experience.

After I book a Pre-Con or a Post-Con, can I change my class?

Of course. Just drop a mail to contact[at]DPS10[dot]com and it’s done.

Will Microsoft participate at DPS 2020?

Of course. From the very inception of DPS, Microsoft has always participated in a big way. From the keynotes by CVPs to Breakout Sessions, to Technical Round Tables – Redmond folks have been there, everywhere. Access the great minds. Learn from them, network with them. See this from the past. And check out this year’s participation.

Apart from Microsoft Experts, who else will be there?

Well, the who’s who of the Data, Analytics & AI world will be there. Check out the Speakers section.

In which currency can I make the payment?

USD or INR. If you are using a credit card issued in any country other than India, choose USD. If you are using a credit card issued in India, choose INR. Simple.

Will I get a tax invoice?

Of course. After your purchase, you instantly get a receipt and within 24 hours, you will receive the tax invoice.

Will you get a participation certificate for the Training Class (Pre-Con/Post-Con)?

Yes. You will get a soft-copy certificate within 30 days of class completion.

Will you get a participation certificate for the regular summit?

No. Sorry. 

Is the summit and the training class packaged together?

No. You need to book the ticket for whatever you want to attend. DPS is 100% flexible. If you just want to go for the summit, you only pay for the summit. Each class can be booked separately. You can book multiple classes. Even if you cannot attend, you still get the recordings.

What are the different modes of payment?

Online via credit/debit card is the most preferred mode of payment. If your company office is in India and has bulk bookings, and you wish to explore PO route, you may write to contact[at]DPS10[dot]com.

Will the online conference experience be good?

Don’t worry about it. That is our headache. Just to give you a feeler – DataPlatformGeeks recently organized SQL Server 2019 Virtual Symposium, hosting 1200+ delegates from 105 countries. Participants said that their experience was incredible. Don’t believe us? Check this out, in their own words.

What is DataPlatformGeeks?

DataPlatformGeeks is the community that organizes Data Platform Summit. You can read more about us here. And here is our awesome Advisory Council.

Will I be able to download the recordings?

No. On-demand, streaming access only. 

What about the conference material like decks, code files, etc?

You will get a download link to download all the content.

What about content for the Training Class?

Same. You will get on-demand access to the recorded class for which you have paid and you will get to download the content.

Can I get the conference material from previous years?

Yes. You can get all. Subscribe to DPS Newsletter and you get access to all the previous year’s content. 

Is there a summary of previous summits?

Yes. Here. Make sure to check out the event reports.

Is there any cancellation or refund policy?

No. Apologies. You get all the recordings, so there is no reason to cancel. Also, DPS pricing is quite reasonable. In other words, very community-friendly.

What if the event is canceled?

A full refund will be made within 30 days. 

What if the recording quality is not up to the mark?

The recording quality will be top-notch. Check out the recent Virtual Symposium to get an idea.

Is it possible that out of 200 sessions, a few are not recorded due to glitches?

Technical glitches may always happen. It may affect a few sessions. This is beyond the control of the organizers. 

If I book for a Training Class knowing that I will also get the class recording, but for some reason, the recording goes bad, will I get a partial refund?

No. Essentially you are paying for a LIVE class. As a community, we are giving you the recorded class at no extra cost – so to say.

If I have booked two training classes for the same time zone, knowing that I will attend one of them LIVE and the other, I will get the recording, and if the recording goes bad, will I get the refund.?

Yes. You will get a refund for one class, provided there is no attendance in that class using your personalized joining link.

What technologies will be covered at DPS 2020?


When will the breakout sessions be announced?

 Breakout sessions will be announced progressively starting from September. The full session list will be published by October end. The final schedule will be available in November first week or so.

How can I book for the conference if I do not know what sessions are going to be delivered?

If you have attended DPS in the past or similar events, you would know that the session list is published closer to the event date to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date content is delivered at the event. This is a common practice. This being said, you can always get an idea by checking out the session list from previous years. Click Here.

Do you have the conference website still active from previous years?

Good observation. Yes. We are the only community-driven event that has its conference websites actives from all previous years. Click Here. Visit any year and explore what we did in that year 🙂

Who can attend DPS 2020?

Anyone, literally. Today job roles have a lot of fancy names. Irrespective of your designation and/or job role, if the technology coverage interests you, join us.

Who are the Subject Matter Experts at DPS 2020?

The Who’s who of the Data, Analytics & AI from Microsoft world will be at DPS 2020. Check out our stalwarts.

Will there be a keynote at DPS 2020?

Of course. Previous years keynotes were delivered by Corporate Vice Presidents of Microsoft Azure Data, Gayle Sheppard & Rohan Kumar. This year – well keep watching this space 🙂

Can I just block a few seats now for my team members and provide the names later?

 Of course.

What if I confirm the names of my team members and the candidature changes later?

Just drop an email to contact[at]dps10[dot]com and inform about the replacement. Done.

Whichever platform you are using, will we get the joining link?

Yes. And only the intended recipient will be able to attend. No two people can join using the same link. It will be a personalized joining link.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending the sessions?

There are no prerequisites. You just need to have the hunger to learn 🙂 

If I book the conference ticket, I can join any session, any activity at the event?

Yes. You have full access to the entire event. Please note that Training Class (Pre-Con & Post-Cons) are separate.

Is there any combined pricing for the summit & the training classes?

No. Just book whatever you want. DPS pricing is anyway quite reasonable and friendly so we are not able to offer any combined pricing. 

I cannot attend all sessions. More so, there are parallel tracks. So...?

Hold on. No one can attend all sessions LIVE. There will be close to 200 of them. That is why we give you the recordings. So, attend what you like. Remaining, watch later. Simple.

Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Yes. Here. Other channels are: Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook. DataPlatformGeeks social channels are here.

Can I see a DPS Tour of all activities, etc? Something from previous years?

Sure. Here.

I heard DPS videos are inspirational. Where can I see the collection?

Thanks. Here. We have many, but this one is our all time favorite.

I have more questions.

Sure. Write to contact[at]dps10[dot]com. Someone from the team will revert.