Why Attend DPS? (ROI & Benefits)

2 Days of Pre-Conference Training Classes, 3 Days & 3 Nights of Conference Sessions (72 hours), 2 Days of Post-Conference Training Classes, 7 Key Technology Tracks, 110+ Global Subject Matter Experts & Industry leaders, 200+ Sessions, 450+ Companies, 2000+ Attendees, 90+ Subjects, 30+ Technologies & an unimaginable flow of intelligence & expertise. And this year, you get all the recordings. Can you ask for more?

First, let’s see how will the show run round-the-clock? Checkout DPS 2020 Global Delivery Model.

And now, we give you four compelling reasons to join DPS 2020.

DPS @ Your Home
DPS comes to you. At your home, at your office – wherever you are. A truly virtual and global event which will run round-the-clock. Grab it!

Take Home 100% Content
You get access to all the recordings. On-demand. the conference, as well as training classes (Pre-Cons & Post-Cons). Play, Pause, Rewind, Play – Steal it!

World’s Best @ DPS
Think of your favorite speakers – they are here. Microsoft Product Group Members, MVPs, MCMs, Industry Leaders, Practice Heads – Love it!

Unbelievable Pricing
Summit – just $249. Training Classes – just $349. Additional 50% off straightaway. Get recordings too at no extra cost. Book more, get more discounts. BEAT IT!