Simplify data management with partitioning

Simplify data management with partitioning

The times of small database systems are now over. Even “small” systems already provide databases with several 100 GB data volume. It can be a real challenge for the DBA to complete the daily maintenance tasks, data backup, consistency checks, … in a reasonable time frame.
With the help of partitioning (also a feature of the Standard Edition since SQL 2016), considerable advantages in ETL processes, maintenance and backup / recovery can be achieved.
The main area of application for partitioning is the optimization of the load paths for complex DWH solutions and the maintenance of large databases (statistics, indexes, backups, restores). The very strongly demo-based session shows partitioning scenarios that let the DBA do alternative things again and encourage ETL developers to dance the joys.

Session Type: Breakouts – 75 mins (60 mins + 15 mins Q&A) – Slides + Demos

Track: Development

Level: Intermediate

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