SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Sizing Deep Dive

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Sizing Deep Dive

Typically, you choose a VM when your application requires more control over the computing environment than the other platform-as-a-service options offer. This can be due to vendor requirements, familiarity with virtualization, ease of migration and other scenarios. When selecting a virtual machine to host your SQL Server workload in Azure, you need to choose a virtual machine size that provides optimal performance and fits your organization’s budget. In this session, we will cover topics such as the different virtual machine types that are most appropriate for SQL Server workloads, optimal memory-to-core ratios for various workload types, and features unique to Azure such as write acceleration that can help boost your performance without breaking the bank. We will also cover the Azure Virtual Machine naming conventions and how you can quickly identify a given machines capabilities from the virtual machine series name. We will close out the discussion with a review of virtual machine disks and storage limits that will be a precursor to the next deep dive session on Azure SQL VM storage.

Session Type: Breakouts – 75 mins (60 mins + 15 mins Q&A) – Slides + Demos

Track: Data Administration

Level: Intermediate

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