SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Storage Deep Dive

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Storage Deep Dive

Optimizing Virtual Machine storage is one of the most critical areas to master when considering a migration to Azure SQL Virtual Machine. Azure virtual machines have input/output operations per second (IOPS) and throughput performance limits based on the virtual machine type and size. Additionally, OS disks and data disks will have their own IOPS and throughput limits. Workloads can be limited at either the virtual machine or the disk level. In this session we demystify storage and how VM sizing will impact performance limits. We will cover what you should consider when choosing Azure disks and storage pool configurations. We will discuss Storage Spaces and Storage Pools. We will also simplify the correct block level, interleave, and the NumberofColumns settings necessary for an optimized storage configuration. Finally, we will review how to monitor IOPs and throughput limits of your virtual machine, the underlying disks, and the caching capabilities of the ephemeral disks and the storage cache.
Get ready, this is one of the most important sessions to get the best performance out of your Azure virtual machine deployment!

Session Type: Breakouts – 75 mins (60 mins + 15 mins Q&A) – Slides + Demos

Track: Data Administration

Level: Intermediate

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