Call For Speakers


Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 will run in five editions to cover all the time zones.

Pre-Cons: 12 – 16 Sep 2022
Conference: 19 – 23 Sep 2022
(ANZ Edition: Sep 19. APAC Edition: Sep 20. India Edition: Sep 21. EMEA Edition: Sep 22. Americas Edition: Sep 23)

What's New at DPS

  • Community speakers will receive a modest emolument for their efforts towards bringing fresh content to DPS 2022. See the "Speaker Compensation" section below.
  • DPS 2022 will run in five editions for global coverage. We promise to bring new audiences to our speakers from more than 90 countries.
  • DPS 2022 is multi-lingual. Consider submitting sessions in languages other than English.
  • DPS 2022 will bring a new virtual world experience to our audiences.
  • For the first time, DPS will feature a student track.
  • Exclusive track for SQL Server 2022 content.

Speaker Diversity at DPS 2022

Continuing our efforts from last year, the DPS Team will put a considerable amount of effort towards speaker diversity. We will strive hard to achieve the following:
  • Our panels & pool of speakers will represent a gender balance and color diversity
  • % increase in speakers of colors
  • % increase in women speakers
  • Improve gender balance
  • Encouraging & welcoming new speakers + assigning mentors + additonal support
  • Approach speakers from diverse backgrounds and work towards racial equality
  • Encourage speakers whose first language is not English (DPS 2022 is multi-lingual)
  • Compensate our speakers fairly and equitably
Overall, the DPS team is here to support speakers who are women, support BIPOC speakers, engage Asian speakers, expand our reach to the LGTBQIA+ community, put in extra efforts to reach out to speakers with disabilities (both invisible and visible disabilities). Lastly, encourage speakers whose first language is not English. Yes, DPS 2022 is multi-lingual.

Speaker Compensation

It takes a lot of effort to put up a great talk + demos. We realize that and wish to offer a modest emolument to our community speakers. The payout is not a true reflection of the efforts involved, but DPS being a free learning event, consider this as a token of gesture from our side.
  • USD 125 for a pre-recorded breakout session
  • USD 100 for a LIVE delivery of a breakout session
  • 50:50 revenue sharing with Pre-Con Speakers

Saftey & Code of Conduct

We want DPS to be a safe event for everyone involved. We take our code of conduct very seriously. Please read through our Ant-Harassment policy & Code of Conduct.


The data we collect during session submission is used only by the DPS Speaker Team to communicate with you. Your data is not shared with any sponsor, advertiser, or any other entity whatsoever.


  • Add speakers[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com to your address book / safe senders list
  • DPS is free for everyone
  • You can submit your session now and if needed, make adjustments to the session title and abstract later.
  • Submitting a session would not mean a guaranteed speaking slot. A speaker committee reviews all the submissions and takes decisions accordingly.
  • Timeline: CFS closes April 30, 2022. Results are progressively announced from May third week onwards.
  • CFS link: Click Here.
  • For the regular summit, we have one delivery format only: Breakout Session - 60 mins (including Q&A. Content (session duration) can be up to 60 mins))
  • Feel free to submit content in your local language. DPS 2022 is multi-lingual.
  • If you wish to submit sessions around DEI, Women Empowerment, Mental Health, etc, choose Professional Development track
  • If you need a Speaker Mentor, let us know in the submission form
  • Consider providing YouTube links of your past session deliveries
  • Follow Data Platform Summit on Twitter for constant updates.
  • If you are a Microsoft Full-Time Employee and wish to speak at DPS 2022, please drop an email to speakers[at]DataPlatformGeeks[dot]com.
  • Are you a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional? DPS 2022 is a free event. The modest emolument/reimbursement that you receive is a token of gesture from the DPS Team and you are not making profits with it. Therefore, we expect that speaking at DPS 2022 should count towards your MVP contribution. However, we cannot make assumptions on behalf of the Microsoft MVP Program and you are advised to check with your MVP lead.

Pre-Con Submission

8-hr Class

Two Consecutive Days (4 hours each day)

One-Way Delivery (Lecture/Slides + Demos)

No Hands-On

Intermediate to Brain-Hurting Level

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Conference Content Submission

Breakout Sessions

60 mins (including Q&A. Content (session duration) can be up to 60 mins))

Slides + Demos


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Conference Content Submission Guidelines & Benefits To The Speaker

Proposal Writing Guidelines

Use the following guidelines when submitting your breakout session proposals.

Tips For Successful Submissions

  1. Sessions with Advanced/Expert/Brain-Hurting levels will be given preference. But please make sure that the Title, Abstract & Content is true to the session level
  2. DPS has a popular track – Industry Solution. If your session focuses on real-world content solving business/industry challenges, something like a case study + demos, kindly put it under this track. Sessions in this track will be given preference. But please make sure that the Title, Abstract & Content is true to the track.
  3. DPS 2022 has a new Student Track. Content in this track will introduce the worldwide student community to Azure Data & Data Science. These are 101 sessions.
  4. Include content that is new, exciting, unique, or significantly refreshed (if previously presented).
  5. Session Title/Content that is freely available on the internet will not be considered.
  6. Take a solution-oriented approach; include real-life customer adoption examples where ever possible.
  7. Focus on currently released technologies and/or the ones that are in heavy use/demand.
  8. Do not add any marketing information.
  9. Focus on demos. Sessions with demos get better feedback.

Writing Good Titles

  1. A title should be succinct but should have the necessary info to entice the target audience to attend the session.
  2. Titles are in Title Case Format.
  3. Make sure Titles are original.
  4. Make sure your Title, Abstract & Session Content are in sync with each other.

Writing Good Abstracts/Descriptions

  1. A good abstract describes the content, coverage, level & audience takeaways in a short paragraph.
  2. You may want to use to correct grammar mistakes.
  3. Do not include speaker name, bio, or any other speaker information in the abstract.
  4. After reading the abstract, the audience should get a clear picture of what will they learn from your session.

Benefits to Breakout Session Speakers

  1. The Speaker will receive a modest emolument of USD 125 for a pre-recorded session and USD 100 for a LIVE delivery. This is only meant for community speakers. The monetary value is not a true reflection of the efforts required to deliver a session. However, DPS 2022 being free to attend, the event runs on a tight budget. Please note that speakers from sponsoring companies will not be entitled to any emolument.
  2. The speaker can choose to receive one Pre-Con recording absolutely complementary (provided the Pre-Con speaker has no conflict of interest). This is worth approximately USD 200.
  3. Reach new audiences from more than 90 countries. Make new followers.
  4. The Speaker will get instant access to session recordings for a lifetime.

Training Class Submission Guidelines & Financial Compensation For The Speaker

  1. Pre-Cons should be highly technical, demo-packed, deep-dive, focusing on real-world scenarios.
  2. Pre-Con topic and content should be up-to-date, original, and exclusive in nature.
  3. Pre-Con should not have any marketing content.
  4. In the submission form, kindly detail the Abstract & Modules.
  5. We share 50% of revenue with the Trainer. To know more, please email speakers[at]dataplatformgeeks[dot]com