Analytics At scale With Power BI And Azure Synapse Analytics by Dave Ruijter (Recordings)

Analytics At scale With Power BI And Azure Synapse Analytics by Dave Ruijter (Recordings)


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Analytics At Scale With Power BI And Azure Synapse Analytics

Speakers: Dave Ruijter

8-hrs Virtual Classroom Training Recordings

Subscription Period: Lifetime Access


This training day we will learn how Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics can form a solid marriage, and provide a truly scalable analytical platform. Together we will explore the tricky parts of an enterprise-grade Power BI solution, and how advanced modelling capabilities of Power BI with a solid data lakehouse / warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics can save the day!

For Power BI solutions, we see it can be challenging to load data from APIs, or to store historical snapshots. This is where you can really benefit from the capabilities of a data platform. Also, if you already have an amazing data platform, we see it can be challenging to load all of its data into a Power BI dataset and still have a performant solution, or to refresh data in near real-time. Finally, daisy-chaining all the steps in the data flow – from source to report/dashboard – can be tricky to design, especially if you don’t want to do a full refresh of the Power BI dataset for performance reasons.

The advanced capabilities of both worlds can really complement each other. We will train you how to design and build a solution, share our learnings and best-practices along the way in a demo-rich day.

After the training you will be able to:

  • Better design and implement complex data models, including hybrid tables, aggregations, and combined storage modes (import, DirectQuery, dual).
  • Orchestrate the end-to-end data processing, with a pipeline chain from data ingest in the data lakehouse to the incremental Power BI dataset refresh.
  • Use different techniques to identify performance bottlenecks in your solutions and how to solve those (“does it fold”?).
  • Implement a cost-efficient solution, that still meets the scalability demands.

You will be guided by Dave Ruijter, bringing a wealth of practical experience to the table across the entire stack of Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics.


  1. Common challenges in Power BI solutions
  2. Common challenges in Azure Synapse Analytics solutions
  3. Azure Synapse Analytics Lakehouse architecture
  4. Azure Synapse Analytics loading and storage patterns
  5. Power BI Premium
  6. Power BI aggregations
  7. Power BI DirectQuery and query folding
  8. Power BI Hybrid Tables
  9. Power BI Incremental Refresh Policies
  10. End-to-end solution architecture
  11. End-to-end solution orchestration options
  12. Azure Synapse Analytics monitoring and scaling
  13. Power BI monitoring and scaling

8-hrs Virtual Classroom Training Recordings



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