DPS 2022 Event Guide

For Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors
This guide only covers important things to keep in mind. Please read through the detailed tutorial. Click here.


DPS 2022 LIVE Page

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Delegate Training (Virtual Platform Tutorial)

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Session & Schedule

Make sure to download the ICS file and add it to your calendar


Session Types & The Rooms

·         Breakout Sessions (60 mins) – English

o   Happening in Hydra, Sphinx, Shiloh, Yukon, Katmai & Dallas

·         Breakout Sessions (60 mins) – Multilingual

o   Happening in Hekaton, Helsinki, Kilimanjaro, Denali & Filipi

·         Data + AI Gurukul LIVE Round Tables

o   Happening in Gurukul


How can I ensure that I do not miss a session I wish to attend?

There are two ways to set reminders. There are two ways to build a schedule for yourself.

#1 You can use the MyAgenda feature of the platform. (See the platform tutorial for a detailed explanation)

#2 You can download the calendar (ICS) file from the session schedule (HTML) and add it to your Outlook or Google calendar.


Key Points (Very Important)

·         #DataPlatformSummit is the official hashtag.

·         Use Google Chrome.

·         Use headphones/earphones/headsets for the best experience

·         After you log in (or if you are already logged in), press Ctrl + F5 to see the incremental changes to the platform.

·         Zoom In or Zoom out to adjust the viewing area of the platform as per your screen resolution/size.

o   Use browser zoom functionality (Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Mouse wheel)

·         Update your profile pic upon login.

·         In case the virtual platform is not working as expected, just log out and log in again :)

·         All session timings shown on the platform are as per your system time.

·         Remember, as the session goes LIVE, you need to click on the 'Play' button to launch the session.

·         Due to LIVE Stream buffering video starts playing after 10 to 20 seconds from the scheduled start time, so please be patient.

·         Speakers will be participating in the Q&A using the chat window.

·         Data + AI Gurukul sessions will redirect you to the ZOOM platform.

·         During online hours of the conference, you can watch join sessions as per the schedule.

·         During offline hours, no sessions will be running.

·         Use the “My Agenda” feature of the platform to build your schedule.


Attending Sessions & Best Practices

·         On the login page, perform a System Check to ensure your OS/Browser has no blockers to access the virtual platform.

·         Turn off the Popup blocker if required.

·         When you are in the virtual lobby, zoom in & out (using the browser feature) as need to adjust the viewable areas as per your screen resolution/size.

·         Use headphones/earphones or external speakers. Test your audio devices beforehand.

·         Watch videos in HD. Change Auto to HD, and wait for a few seconds. If you do not see HD output, do it again.



·         If the video hangs, close the box, and launch again.

·         Watch Full Screen.

·         Chat is Q&A (Toggle between full screen and normal).

·         Keep & eye on Schedule / Play button & the countdown.

·         All session times shown are as per your system time.

·         Zoom platform is being used for Data+AI Gurukul LIVE sessions. Please make sure you download and install Zoom beforehand. If you have trouble installing the plugin on your office laptop or if you have issues in joining the event from the office network, please try changing the laptop and/or the network.

·         Ensure that audio, video, or zoom software is not blocked by any firewall. If you have firewall issues in your office, we will not be able to support you. In that case, try another internet connectivity. Mobile connectivity, too, may work.


Support Options

·         Use the Helpdesk in the virtual platform

·         Join Telegram Group: https://t.me/dataplatformsummit

·         Email contact[at]DPS10[dot]com


Event Schedule




Time zone


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19 Sep


8 AM - 6:15 PM

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20 Sep


8 AM - 6:15 PM

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21 Sep


8 AM - 8:30 PM

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22 Sep


8 AM - 6:15 PM

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23 Sep


8 AM - 6:15 PM

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Platform Login


Username: Your conference email id (same id to which the Welcome Email was sent)

Password: The default password is 12345678 unless you have changed it.

Password reset link: https://inv.6connex.com/event/v2/dps2022/forgot-password


After you log in (or if you are already logged in), press Ctrl + F5 to see the incremental changes to the platform.


Update Profile Photo

It is always good to put a face to the name. After you log in, from the top right corner, click on the Settings icon, Edit Registration Info.


On the following dialog box, upload your profile pic and Submit. Done.




Please give feedback. This is your event. Help us improve.



Visit our Sponsors and Exhibitors, engage in discussion, understand their offerings, participate in raffles and surveys – and win cool prizes. Please note that if you visit a booth, your delegate registration data will be shared with the booth owner.


Community Zone

At the community zone, you can chat with your peers who have common interests. Community Zone facilitates virtual networking.


My Agenda

This is your schedule builder for the conference. Use it effectively.


Win Prizes

Post your selfie attending the event from your home/office with the hashtag #DataPlatformSummit and win prizes.
Give feedback and win prizes.
Visit booths and win prizes.
Ask questions to speakers during the session and win prizes.
Make sure to post a comment on our LinkedIn post. Also Tweet. Both of these activities will improve your chances to win prizes.
What do you get? DPS 2022 will have a hundred $50 Amazon gift cards to give away. In case an Amazon gift card is not redeemable in your country, we will correspond with you to offer an equivalent gift card from any e-commerce shopping site in your country.


Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy

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Thank you and we look forward to hosting you :)