Addressing climate change with help of Machine learning

Addressing climate change with help of Machine learning

Climate change is a fact, it is happening, and we need not only actively participate in tackling it, but also we need to raise awareness. One area that can be identified is the area of using and implementing machine learning algorithms and techniques to tackle climate change.

Addressing this issue can be done using machine learning and different approaches to tackling it, from mitigating or reducing and stopping CO2 emissions or adapting to the changes that climate change will bring.

With the help of Microsoft Azure services, we will go through some of the machine learning concepts and how Azure can help us address, reduce, adapt to these issues or which tools can be found in Azure to help take actions and address policies.

The session will look into climate change modeling, efficient sensing, biodiversity, solar geo-modeling, transportation, and electricity with the help of Machine Learning and Microsoft Azure.

Session Type: Breakouts – 60 mins (Including Q&A)

Track: Data Science (AI/ML)

Level: Basic

Delivery Language: English

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