Extending data governance for the enterprise with Azure Purview

Extending data governance for the enterprise with Azure Purview

Data Governance is the new frontier for any business to gain control and accountability of their data processes. With the vast amounts of data produced and consumed and new laws like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the US, it is an imperative to have a well defined governance process.

Azure Purview is a unified and cloud native one stop solution for governance that Microsoft released to start addressing the governance issues from the enterprise. It allows mapping of cloud and on-premise sources to automatically discover data, sensitive data classification, lineage tracking and glossary management.

In this demo-heavy session we’ll go beyond the docs and show you to extend Purview capabilities. Whether you want to use to track lineage of unsupported data sources or you want to extend the Purview type system with your own custom metadata we’ll show you how to build full end-to-end workflows that extend the functionality of out-of-the-box Purview features. We’ll go into depth on using Apache Atlas, the underlying store for data lineage and all associated metadata and how you can use APIs and undocumented features to customise your data governance at enterprise scale.

After this session, we hope you understand better what Purview can provide for your Governance solution, and how to adapt it and make it your own for your data platforms and data governance challenges at enterprise scale.

Session Type: Breakouts – 60 mins (Including Q&A)

Track: Data Administration

Level: Intermediate

Delivery Language: English

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