Machine learning on IoT with SQL Edge

Machine learning on IoT with SQL Edge

Azure SQL Edge is an optimized relational database engine geared for IoT and IoT Edge deployments. It provides capabilities to create a high-performance data storage and processing layer for IoT applications and solutions. Azure SQL Edge provides capabilities to stream, process, and analyze relational and non-relational such as JSON, graph and time-series data, which makes it the right choice for a variety of modern IoT applications. Azure SQL Edge provides built-in machine learning and analytics capabilities by integrating the open format ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) runtime, which allows exchange of deep learning and neural network models between different frameworks.

In this session let us see how to deploy and use a liner regression model for prediction of rental prices of houses using ONNX and SQL Edge.

Session Type: Breakouts – 60 mins (Including Q&A)

Track: Data Science (AI/ML)

Level: Basic

Delivery Language: English

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