Lucky Draw

Welcome to DPS 2021 Lucky Draw. Your only chance to win a free full-access Summit pass.

  • Each week, the DPS Team will announce winners. Yes, there will be more than one winner.
  • You need to enter your information only once. If you do not win, your info will automatically be included in the following week’s lucky draw. So you automatically participate in each week’s lucky draw until the Summit start date.
  • We use a SQL algorithm to select the winner 😉
  • It’s easy to win this one – you got to be (really) unlucky if you do not win.
  • This lucky draw and the free pass is only for the Summit (LIVE attendance only), not for the Training Classes.
  • In case you have already booked your Summit ticket, you will be refunded in full if you are the winner.

DPS 2021 Lucky Draw

Winners Log
June third week winners will be announced on June 22.
June second week winners announced. Click Here.
June first week winners announced. Click Here.
May fourth week winners announced. Click Here.